Blogtober Day 13: The Sound of a Crying Mother

I hear the sound

The sound of Mother Nature

Her weak sound as she weeps painfully nearing her death bed. Her sound similar to that of an ailing mother

Think about this

You conceive and are very happy for conspiring with God to fulfil His command of filling the earth.

9 months later you birth your new born.

Your little chip of your own flesh.

Feed them with your own breasts,

They get older you work your ass off to provide for the now bigger dietary and other requirements. The child now grows big, big enough to talk and do some chores around.

Only for the baby to resolve to poisoning your throat.

Throwing litter left right and centre.

Throwing plastic bags that cover all around your breathing space.
Ugly looking plastic bottles that fill all of the water sources.

The next time you toss out litter from the car window into an undesignated littering area.

Think about your own child poisoning you. Choking you to your own death.

Think about the slow death we are handing to our lovely planet.

Pause. And listen closely to the signs Mother Nature is giving us. The signs before she breaks loose and cannot hold us anymore.

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